2018 4th Annual Valor Run

Valor Run, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to unite communities through running events to honor the U.S. military women who have served our nation 9/11, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice while supporting combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Back in March my friend Katie and I signed up to do the 4th Annual Valor Run 13.1 Be Strong Be Worth Challenge.  It consists of a 5K followed by a 10 miler.  In May I invited one of my other friends to join – Maribeth.  I could not wait b/c it is a trail race and I have been wanting to get out and run other trails at the First Landing State Park.  The weather has been horrible all week and it looked like it would be raining the day of the race as well – however, it did not, the weather was beautiful, besides being very hot and and humid!

We arrived at the park well in advance – for some reason I thought it started at 7:30am, but it did not start until 8:30.  Oh well, we got a great parking spot! LOL! We took a few “before” pictures to pass the time.

The 5K started at 8:30AM, we successfully completed that in 35 minutes with plenty of time to rest before the 10 miler started at 9:30AM.  

While we were waiting to start the 10 miler I saw one of my shipmates – Sean.  He serves onboard the EISENHOWER with me, it was great to see him out supporting a good cause!


At 9:30 the 10 miler started and we were off.  We decided to start running intervals (2 minutes on, 1 minute off) right around the 1 mile mark.  It was so HOT and  HUMID!  The first 4 miles were rolling hills, it was pretty brutal.  Miles 5-8 were straight and flat, but very muddy from all the rain we have gotten this past week.  My goal was to finish in 2 hours, but I missed my mark by a few minutes.  

After the race we enjoyed a donut and some water and gatorade before heading out for lunch!

I knew that Waffletina would be at Smartmouth Brewery so I wanted to go check them out for lunch!  It was PERFECT!  Waffletina will be opening their new restaurant in August – I can’t wait!  Make sure you follow them on instagram.  Pro-Tip:  They will also be serving my favorite coffee – THREE SHIPS!!! 



I am so thankful for my friends that come out and run these races with me. Also, a big thank you to Valor Run, Inc for putting on a great event!  I will most definitely do it again next year!

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