Birmingham, Alabama was born from the iron and steel industry, and is known for playing a crucial role in the civil rights movement. However, to me, Birmingham is home! Jerry and I built our “forever” home here and we come back as often as we can to to relax and dream about the day we are both retired and can live here forever! There are so many things to do in Birmingham that it can be quite overwhelming to plan a visit here. So, in this post, I will share an itinerary of how we spent a perfect Saturday in our Home Sweet Ham!

SUNRISE – Run at Red Mountain Park

I love starting my day with a trail run and Red Mountain Park is the closest mountain to my house.  Below are some pictures from my run today! For a complete list of my favorite running spots in Birmingham see my previous post – Best of Birmingham.


Post Run – Donuts and Coffee

After my run, the Heavenly Donuts Food Truck was in the neighborhood so I stopped and got some to enjoy with my coffee while I cooled down on my front porch swing!  For a list of my favorite coffee shops around Birmingham, see my previous post –Best of Birmingham.




9:00 AM – PepperPlace Market 

After breakfast and a shower, Jerry and I headed to PepperPlace Market to look for some fresh vegetables for a new recipe I wanted to try. PepperPlace Market is a Saturday farmers market (7A-noon) featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables. There are normally local chefs hosting live cooking demos beginning at 9 am. The Market also features a variety of local artisans, who bring their hand-made goods to market, too.

The recipe I wanted to try is called Cabbage and Sausage Foil Packets, however, we were going to skip the Sausage and grill BBQ Chicken instead.  For the recipe, click here.  On my list was corn on the cob, cabbage, onion, and red potatoes, which we were able to find at the market.


Also, I could not go to the market without going by my two favorite sweet spots:  The Birmingham Candy Company and We Have Doughnuts.  I had seen on Instagram that The Birmingham Candy Company had just released their Maple Pecan Brittle so I picked some up along with the best pralines you will ever put in your mouth!  We Have Doughnuts is hands down my favorite go-to doughnut in Birmingham, so I stopped by to checkout their new flavors – I went with one Lemon Lavender and one Old Fashioned with Birthday Sprinkles!


12:00 PM – Time to Grill

When we got home from the Market, I immediately started prepping the food so we could get it on the grill!


Jerry had the grill ready for me when I was done preparing the foil packets.  We grilled the chicken separately. (You will have to excuse our little $15 special grill, our Big Green Egg is still at our Virginia home)


We made enough to have for lunch and dinner since we are getting on the road first thing in the morning to head back to Virginia.

3:00 PM – NAP TIME

Jerry and I were both so stuffed we had to take a nap!  After our nap we spent time cleaning the house, doing laundry, packing and getting ready for our road trip back to Virginia.

6:00 PM – After Dinner Walk

We live in a classic American Resort Town named Ross Bridge – it’s absolutely gorgeous!  There are over two-hundred acres of parks, green spaces, trails, lakes, and the Shades Creek Preserve.  After dinner I took a short walk around the neighborhood – I say “short” b/c a storm rolled in and the bottom literally fell out of the sky!  Here are just a few pictures:


I made it back to the house just in time to enjoy a cold IPA (local IPA from Good People Brewing – it’s my absolute favorite from this area) before it started raining:



It was a perfect day – but all good things must come to an end.  We have to leave tomorrow so I can get back to work!  I absolutely love it here and cannot wait to retire and enjoy it full time! Ain’t No Ham Like Birmingham!



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